Client Success Stories:

"I Feel Beyond Loved."

"It's been the best decision of my life.."  

 "Bern, working with you has been, aside from saying yes to getting married, the single best decision I've made in my life. No amount of cash can make up for what you've given me."  

- Pamela Quezada

Yes, Bern, Help Me Find My Top Attraction Blindspot.

"I'm a completely different woman..."  

"With my new man, I feel completely different, and the passion is fully alive, and I feel it's coming from within me. It's like something had died in me, and now it's alive again. Thank you, Bern. I'm a completely different woman."  

- Sophie Mortimer

"This Couldn't Have Happened Without Your Coaching."

Yes, Bern, Help Me Find My Top Attraction Blindspot.

"It's an amazing turning point in my life.."  

"Bern, it's so simple and organic. I don't have to impress him. He doesn't have to impress me. He's funny. We'll laugh at nothing and everything. We have deep conversations, and we can disagree, and it's okay. Just knowing that I have a person next to me, a man who really admires the way I process and see life, is just an amazing turning point in my life, it really is."  

- Nancy Ferrel

"I didn't know that men like him existed..."  

"Before this work, I didn't believe that men like him existed. I really didn't. He is the most amazing combination of a man in the best possible sense of the world. We just celebrated a year together and have kept continuing to grow into how we build a life with each other. It feels like a fantasy, but it's very, very real."  

- Roxanne Diaz

"I wouldn't be here without your guidance."  

"Bern, you have been such a shining light in my life and my journey. You opened up my heart when I thought it was closed forever. I thought that I was a shell of a person, and you cracked that open and exposed a whole new world of possibility to me... I know that I wouldn't be here without your guidance, so thanks for that and for sharing your heart and your motivation. Gosh, thank you for being here.  

- Ashley Martin

"I Feel Fully Alive (and got married)"  

"Bern, as I completed my coursework with you, things started shifting. I felt fully alive; men started approaching me, seeing my true self and all my gifts. I now have a man in my life who's showing up fully for me. He aligns with my core values, and I'm able to use what I learned from you to keep the relationship alive."  

- Valerie Peguero

 Answers To Common Questions:  

Why is This Call Free? 

If we meet and I feel I can help you, I'll extend an invitation for us to work together. I have many happy clients from all around the world, and this is typically how we first connect. 

I don't bring in anyone into my program that I haven't personally spoken with because this process allows me to create outstanding results with my clients.

What Can I Expect During This Call?  

During our video call, I'll ask you a few questions to understand what your situation is, diagnose the root cause of your problem, and let you know if I feel I can help you and, if so, what's involved. 

How Quickly Will I Hear Back From You If My Application Gets Approved?  

If we approve your appointment, my assistant will email you within 24 hours with the confirmation details for one of the times you selected.

Given my high social media reach, I often get more applications than I can process. 

If I don't feel I can help you, we'll also let you know. Please be honest and specific in your answers, as this makes it easier and faster to approve your application.

Bern, What Happens if I Don't Feel Like Moving Forward After We Speak?  

No worries, If I extend an invitation and you don't want to move forward, there are no hard feelings and ZERO pressure on my end. 

I hate "used-car sales business tactics" and believe in an abundant universe where I don't have to twist arms to have a thriving coaching practice. 

If for whatever reason, this isn't your thing, we'll amicably part ways, but you'll still have gained valuable insights about your love life. 

How long will this call last?

Thirty to sixty minutes max, depending on your situation and the topics we cover.

If you are ready to overcome what's holding you back, I'd love to meet you.

Check Out These Video Case Studies: